Friday, March 19, 2010

Antique Sword Value

Antique sword value in the market may change every now and then. However, by knowing what the factors to consider are, you can determine how much your antique swords could be worth:

1. Type of Sword

Is it an ancient Chinese sword or an old Japanese Samurai sword? Asian swords are known to be legendary and are the most popularly collected in the present, especially a Japanese Katana. Expectedly, they can cost you a lot.
Medieval swords can also be expensive for they are rare swords and have rather rich history as they could be swords of kings and knights in the Middle Ages.
Some good antique swords may have been owned by other collectors already, so, you might just have to wait and save up for antique sword auctions.

2. Structure

Durability matters especially for serious sword collectors who want to give a few test swings of the sword. Durability is also an assurance that sword could last longer than it already has.

3. Beauty and Artistic value

Imagine the uniqueness of art expressed when sword smiths meticulously carved sword pommels or handles during the medieval times…even imagine how they used to do it without using high technology equipment or high powered machines? The beauty of the Katana, on the other hand, does not only express art but sends a deeper meaning – for it is a sword that depicts a brave Samurai spirit. Artistry and character are essential in determining antique sword prices.

4. Markings and signs

Apparent blade markings and signs are one factor to consider in an antique sword appraisal. Signs are carved signatures usually made by the maker on the sword. These markings could chronicle how they were used in the past or what era they were made. Earliest signed Japanese sword was a tachi by Sanjo Munechika of the Heian Era (794-1184). Masamune, the greatest Japanese sword smith from the Kamakura period, signed very few swords.

Some important reminders in determining your antique sword value:

• Study the swords well and take your time. Remember, more than the price tag, you are after the swords values through the era of its making, its story, and the country it came from.

• Be careful because there are a lot of fake buyers and sellers and other forms of fixers who may take advantage of you when you are ignorant at dealing with sword transactions.

• Only go to professional and reliable appraisers for the most accurate antique sword prices. They are the most efficient people to know how much your swords are worth. Then again, don’t just rely on one, if possible, get a second or maybe, a third opinion.

• Discourage your self from online appraisers especially if you have just started trading with sword shops online. If people you see personally can defraud you, how much more those whose existence are “virtual”?

• Safeguard your self with an attorney in case things get more serious and legalities are raised. After all, when you take antique sword collecting seriously, you are investing a lot of money. Sword prices could even range from $8,000 to $30,000!


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